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Health and Human Rights


Shaheen Ali                        School of Law

James Harrison                  School of Law

Gillian Lewando Hundt       School of Health and Social Studies

Maria Stuttaford                 School of Health and Social Studies

  • To link with existing research interests and expertise at the University related to health and human rights
  • To support the development of multi-disciplinary research in the emerging field of health and human rights


There is growing interest in the UK and globally in human rights based approaches to addressing problems of health inequities and poverty as well as how to stimulate the practical implementation of international and national human rights conventions and laws.

During 2007/08, Maria Stuttaford and Gillian Hundt (with John Harrington, Liverpool Law School), co-convened an ESRC seminar series on Global Health and Human Rights. It was clear at the final seminar held at Warwick in June 2008 that there is growing interest in various departments at Warwick in the field of health and human rights. After consulting with colleagues from across the University, the new research group held its first meeting in October 2008. It has secured funding from the Faculty of Social Sciences to support its meetings in the first year.


October 26th, 2010, Seminar: Dialogue, Co-Learning and Knowledge Creation on the Right to Health: Reflections From the Learning Network, Cape Town, South Africa. Maria Stuttaford,   

October 2008, Brown Bag Lunch: 'Health and Human Rights', Maria Stuttaford.

Recent publications

Harrison J, Goller, A, (2008) Trade and Human Rights: What Does 'Impact Assessment' Have to Offer? Human Rights Law Review 8 (4), 587 – 61

Harrison J (forthcoming) Trade Agreements, Intellectual Property and Access to Essential Medicines: What Future Role for the Right to Health? in Global Governance of HIV/AIDS United Nations University Press edited collection

Stuttaford M., Hundt G. and Vostanis P. (2009) Sites for health rights: the experience of homeless families in England, Journal of Human Rights Practice. 1 (2), 257-276.  

Stuttaford M. (2009) Methods in health and human rights research: towards a spiral of co-learning. In Coomans F., Kamminga M. and Grunfled F. (eds.) Methods of Human Rights Research, Antwerpen: Intersentia.

Stuttaford, M. (2007) Vulnerable children’s rights to services. In P. Vostanis (ed) Mental Health Interventions and Services for Vulnerable Children and Young People, London: Jessica Kingsley, 32-41.

Stuttaford, M. (2004) Balancing Collective and Individual Rights to Health and Health Care, Law, Social Justice & Global Development Journal, 2004, 1.

Recently completed and ongoing research

Title: Learning by Doing and Doing by Learning: A Civil Society Network to Realise the Right to Health
PI and co-applicants: L. London, L. Gilson and M. Stuttaford
Funding body: SANPAD and Open Society Dates 2008-2010
Amount: approx. £33,500

Title: Global Health and Human Rights: Theory, Process and Substance
PI and co-applicants: M. Stuttaford, G. Lewando Hundt and J. Harrington
Funding body: ESRC. Dates: 2006-2008
Amount: £15,450

Title: Exploring Collective Rights to Public Health for Homeless People
PI and co-applicants:  M. Stuttaford, G. Lwando Hundt and P. Vostanis
Funding body: ESRC. Dates: 2004-2005
Amount: £45,914.

Title: Exploring Collective Rights to Public Health and Research Ethics in Southern Africa
PI and co-applicants: G. Lewando Hundt and M. Stuttaford
Funding body: Research Development Fund, University of Warwick. Dates: 2003-2004.
Amount: £4,100.

Title: Human Rights Impact Assessments of International Trade Agreements
PI: James Harrison
Funding body: AHRC Dates: 2006-2007
Amount: £7,500

Events Calendar

Global Health and Human Rights: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives New book edited by John Harrington and Maria Stuttaford


Jannis Angelis - WBS
Martin Bollard - SHSS
Roger Burridge - Law
Renske Doorenspleet - Politics
Mick Carpenter - Soc
Elizabeth Dowler - Soc
Octavio Ferraz - Law
Gary Fisher - RSS
John Harrington - Law,Liv
Sarah Hodges- History
Nick Lee - Education
Zijin Li - Law
Mairi Macintyre - WIMRC
Jayan Nayar - Law
David Ormandy - Law
Moli Paul - WMS
Istvan Pogany - Law
Natasha Posner - SHSS
Judith Purkis - SHSS
Shirin Rai - Politics
Duncan Randall - SHSS
Dwijen Rangnekar - Law
Janet Read - SHSS
Keith Richards - Linguistics
Krysia Saul - WMS
Anita Schrader - WMS
Kate Seers - SHSS
Sharifah Sekalala - Law
Douglas Simkiss - WMS
Hazel Smith - Politics
Nick Spencer - SHSS
Dallal Stevens - Law
Ann Stewart - Law
Robert Williams - SHPS,Bir
Andrew Williams - Law