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Collective Rights to Health: Exploring the Experiences of Homeless Families

ESRC, Research Grant Scheme (Ref number: RES-000-22-0618)


Dr Lynnette Kelly, Institute of Health, Warwick University

Dr Maria Stuttaford, School of Geography & Geosciences, St. Andrews University

Professor Gillian Hundt, Institute of Health, Warwick University

Professor Panos Vostanis, Greenwood Institute of Child Health, Leicester University

Brief Description

The aims of the research are to develop a conceptual framework of collective rights to health and to explore the extent to which homeless families access their rights to health care services. The research will explore the process, context and content of collective rights to health at policy, provider and service user levels in relation to health for homeless families. It will elicit the views and actions of homeless families on their experiences of accessing health care and establish a dialogue between homeless families, service providers, activists and policymakers to advance frameworks for supporting the right to health. National and local polices will be analysed in terms of their human rights impact. While health is the primary focus, it is recognised that social care is inextricably linked and will also be included. Local policy makers, health and social care workers and homeless families (both citizens and non-citizens of the UK) will be invited to participate in the research through in-depth interviews and participatory learning events to gain an understanding of their views of collective responsibilities and collective rights to health. In this way, a framework that integrates collective civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights to health will be explored.