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Oral History Project


Images from Modern Records Centre and Voices of the University participants

Listen to the full interviews and view the complete archive here.

To mark Warwick’s 50th anniversary, we carried out an ambitious oral history project to capture the voices of those who have studied, worked and lived near the University since its creation in 1965. This three-year project has generated interviews from over 250 current and former staff, students and local residents on a wide range of topics relating to the university’s history.

The interviews also reveal a great deal about the development of Higher Education and research in the UK, the history of student life and the social and cultural history of Britain after 1945. They provide a unique database of interviews for future researchers.

Completed interviews are archived at Warwick's Modern Records Centre.

Find out more about the project, listen to the monthly podcasts, or view our themed highlights on:

You can also join the Oral History Network with other researchers from a variety of disciplines who are interested in oral history research or who are collecting interviews