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IAS Upcoming Events

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InReach10x InReach10X @IAS is the flagship seminar series organised by the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) where Warwick academics will present some of the most exciting and transformative research in topics spanning arts, natural and social sciences, engineering and medicine.
Incubating equitable, sustainable, and innovative research, learning and community building from the margins.
Emergency and Disaster Interpreting in Türkiye Title: Emergency and Disaster Interpreting in Türkiye Guest Speaker: Dr Rana Kahraman Duru (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University, Istanbul, Türkiye) Convenor: Dr Emrah Atasoy (English and Comparative Literary Studies & Institute of Advanced Study) Date: 29 May 2023 Monday, 12:00-14:00 (GMT+1), TEAMS
Rethinking Masculinity Studies: Past – Present – Future Title:Rethinking Masculinity Studies:Past – Present – Future Guest Speaker: Prof Stefan Horlacher(Dresden Uni of Technology, Germany,EUTOPIA Alliance Partner) Convenor:Dr Emrah Atasoy (English and Comparative Literary Studies&Institute of Advanced Study) Date:22 May 2023 Monday,13:00-15:00,TEAMS
Sports, Nations, and Utopia in Canadian Literature and Culture When we enter a sporting arena as fans or when we play a game of pick-up football, we expect to be surrounded by what Johan Huizinga called the ‘magic circle’ of play; we expect to experience freedom from quotidian troubles and even the tyranny of regular clock-time. Philosopher Bernard Suits even argued that ‘Utopian existence is fundamentally concerned with game-playing.’ In this talk, I consider Canadian literature and, more broadly, culture in terms of sports, utopian ideals, and ideas of nationhood. Canada’s most famous story is surely Roch Carrier’s nostalgic “The Hockey Sweater.” Would the same story have enjoyed such acceptance if it were about curling or baseball? Unlikely. After providing an overview of types of Canadian sports literature, I consider the roles individual sports (can) have in the game of performing nationhood.
Un/Building the Future: The Country and The City in the Anthropocene Un/Building the Future: The Country and The City in the Anthropocene 14, 15 & 16 June 2023 | University of Warwick, UK
Utopia, Anti-Utopia, and Postsecularism in the Work of Aldous Huxley
Life Writing and Media: The (Meta)Fictional Biography on Radio
READING DECOLONIALITY Launch Join us in launching the publication and reading group led by IAS fellows, READING DECOLONIALITY.
Connecting Research at Warwick on Doctoral Education and Academia
ECF - How to Apply This workshop is for current Warwick PGRs who are interested in applying for the ECF Fellowship. We will cover key information on the application process and answer any questions potential applicants may have.
Stanley Cavell and the Vicissitudes of Love
Accolade Plus: DIY Filmmaking and Storytelling through video Sign up for the GradTrain DIY Film Workshop