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What is IATL

What is IATL

IATL is the ‘nest’ for education innovation at Warwick, acting as the institutional nexus among stakeholders, and providing leadership to embed transformative educational opportunities across the University.

IATL's Mission

IATL’s mission is to support students in achieving their full potential, to sustain them in discovering and developing their ideas, to empower them to contribute to our university community and to become engaged citizens.

More about our strategy

Our mission is underpinned by three foundational principles: Research-Led Educational Innovation, Participatory Practices and Inclusive Structures and Care-Rooted Approaches. It is through these principles that we create academically rigorous, holistic learning experiences that are caring and inclusive and hinge on the recognition that each student is unique, with their own talents and needs.

Our foundational principles are the roots for our core activities: Learning beyond Disciplines, Student Research, Learning beyond Borders and our Research-Infused and Enterprise-Infused Curricula. These activities embody IATL’s mission, creating student-centred, transformative education experiences that broaden students’ learning opportunities and horizons.