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Human-Animal Studies (IL007)


The module explores human/animal relations drawing upon academic research from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

The module seeks to illuminate the roles of animals in human lives by exploring the complex and abstract concepts surrounding human-animal interactions within multiple disciplinary frameworks. The module provides an environment to develop wider research and communication skills in investigating these ideas with fellow students and academics across disciplines.

This is an exciting chance to participate in the first example of a new module that connects undergraduates from different academic disciplines. This module is one of a number of interdisciplinary modules run by the Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning. It will be available to Warwick Undergraduates from 2nd year onwards.

The module aims to encourage students to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the complex roles of animals in contemporary societies including meat animals, sport animals and companion animals
  • Understand the structure and purpose of the human-animal divide and the role of this divide in shaping attitudes towards animals
  • Critically assess the material and cultural significance of animals in various modern discourses and cultural forms
  • Evaluate the political and ethical issues concerning the position of animals in contemporary society
  • Recognise how the roles of animals in human society differ across contemporary societies and have changed over time.


Each week a subject specialist will deliver 50 minutes of disciplinary grounded material which will be followed by a 60 minute seminar. The students and module leader will use this time to look more deeply at the concepts and issues raised in the lecture using a range of teaching and learning methods. The module leader will attend all sessions as well as delivering introductory and conclusion sessions.

The module will run in the Humanities Studio on Wednesdays at 9-11am in the spring term 2016 from 13th Jan to the 16th March excluding reading week.

Module convenors

Amy KilBride
Dr Amy Kilbride
(A dot Kilbride at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Deborah Butler
Dr Deborah Butler
(D dot Butler at warwick dot ac dot uk)


Wednesdays 9-11am
2015-16, term 2 (Spring)


Humanities Studio,
Humanities Building


See instructions on the main Undergraduate Modules page

For 15 CATS:

60% - essay (3500 words)
40% - reflective journal

For 12 CATS:

50% - essay (2500 words)
50% - reflective journal