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For 12 CATS: 2500 word essay (50%) and reflective journal (50%)

For 15 CATS: 3500 word essay (60%) and reflective journal (40%)

Have a look at the IATL student handbook for guidance on assay length and marking scheme.
NB information in the handbook on deadline date and time is not applicable.

For all assessed work the deadline is Tue 3nd May 2016 12pm

Essay title
We would like you to choose your own essay title based on which parts of the topic area interest you. Email your proposed title or chat to me after class for some feedback or suggestions.

Reflective journal guidance
Have a look at the information from the IATL handbook on what is a reflective journal.

In your assessed work when you write about an idea that someone else thought of you need to refer to where you learnt about it. We would like you to use the Harvard system of referencing. This is explained on the library website here. This is essential in your essay and a good idea to incorporate into your reflective journal too.

A really good way to keep track of your references and save time and effort organising your reference section is to use a reference management program. Endnote Online and guidence on using the program is available through the library website here

Essays and electronic journals (if chosen format) are to be submitted via the coursework management component of Tabula.

Arrangements will be made for submission of hard copy reflective journals in person as required.

Marking criteria
The Universities 17 point scale will be used to mark assessed work. More information about the scale is available here

If you have any questions get in touch with Amy