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Unlocking Warwick's Criminal Past

Jane BryanThis project will allow students to explore the rich history of Warwick Town’s criminal past and to use this research to create an original piece of work to enable that knowledge to be disseminated in an imaginative way to a wide section of the academic and wider community.

Students will be able to take learning out of the classroom and develop skills of archival research, script-writing and performance. The project has four stages:
a. research
b. writing
c. rehearsal
d. performance

A group of students drawn from the Law School (across the year groups) and from the Humanities Faculty will work with The Courthouse Players, a local theatre group who regularly re-enact nineteenth century trials in the Old Warwick Law Courts, and the Unlocking Warwick Project to provide an authentic, educational experience outside of the classroom, tailored to the needs of our students.

Dr Jane Bryan is a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Warwick Law School with a research interest in Law and Humanities.