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Invited speakers and concert attendance for Science of Music IL016

Susan BurrowsThis project was in support of The Science of Music module (IL016), which aims to introduce students of different disciplines to the relationships between science, music and mathematics. The incorporation of live demonstrations within the module promotes a better understanding of the topics being studied and encourages active participation by the students, while the attendance of a live performance enhanced the students’ understanding of music in the environment, and appreciation of the cultural diversity of music.

The students attended a concert by ‘Yorkston Thorne Khan’, a collaborative group using guitar, sarangi, double bass and vocals, which demonstrated some of the aspects taught in the module such as string pitch and resonance. A violin maker was invited to speak at the ‘Acoustic instruments’ lecture, and an opera singer at the ‘The Human Voice’ lecture.

Susan Burrows is a senior teaching fellow in the Physics department, with interests in technical glasses, ceramics and piezoelectrics, and has been at Warwick for over twenty years!