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Interviews live: Telling your story to employers

The purpose of this project is to explore the idea of students being able to tell their story confidently and authentically in interactions with employers.

We have developed an innovative delivery model which consists of a live event where students (audience of 60+) watch employers interviewing student actors. Employers with the input of the student audience coach ‘candidates’ live on stage. Following this, students pair up for action learning and interview clinics to put into practice their learning into practice.

This model has developed from Warwick’s strategy of ‘student as collaborator’.

Our aim is to integrate students and employers into the delivery of training and to break down barriers between the two. In addition, our student actors are involved in developing ideas and structure.

The format allows for exploration of

  • Student as producer/explorer/researcher and collaboration
  • Experiential learning

We hope that the legacy of this project will be increased confidence of participants in our workshop (both audience and actors). This project will enable us to determine whether this style of delivery is something which best meets student need. Impact will be measured by reviewing feedback from participants and collaborators.

Watch a short film about the Interviews Masterclass event developed for our Finalists Get Hired! event in June 2015 and which was the starting point for our project exploration.

Charlie Cunningham is a Senior Careers Consultant and Stephanie Redding is the Careers Service Manager at Warwick.