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The Ethical Guide to Local Living

This project aims to help educate students and local residents about the many ways one can live ethically, and provide them with information about what’s going on locally to help them achieve this through the creation of an ‘Ethical Guide to Local Living’ (similar guides have been produced by Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol). Making ethical decisions collectively can really shape the character of the community, set an example for others, and influence consumerism of unsustainable products and practices. The guide will allow people living on campus and in the local area (specifically focusing on Coventry and Leamington Spa) to directly share useful and important information, hoping to foster better connections between students and the local community.

There are over 23000 students from Warwick living in the local area, but many of them do not engage with their local community, and many have little idea where to shop for sustainable goods and products. Students are a powerful group of consumers, and in a world faced with the growing problems caused by climate change, it’s increasingly important that the leaders of tomorrow use this power to buy from suppliers and partake in activities that will have a positive impact on society and the environment.

The Guide provides information about where to shop for local, organic veggies, which restaurants provide vegan options and source their produce from the local area, tips on best recycling and energy-saving practices and projects to get involved with in the local community.

The primary objectives for this project are to:

1. Encourage students to buy goods and services from local and sustainable suppliers.

2. Inform students of opportunities to get involved in their local area.

3. Break down barriers between students and the the local community.

4. Utilise student’s power as consumers to stimulate demand for local goods and services.

5. Change student attitudes and behaviour towards local social and environmental causes

You can view 'The Ethical Guide to Local Living' here.