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Bodies in/of Crisis: Staging the Wende

Maria Hetzer

This PhD project creates a link between established scientific research methods and studio-based performance work, reaching across disciplines. By using verbatim material on experiences of the body in daily life, we aim at three major research questions:

  • How to translate historical experience across time, cultures and disciplines?
  • How is history performed through the narration of memory?
  • How to define crisis experience in female body practice?

The work draws on the case study of crisis experience in daily life by GDR / East German women after the fall of the Berlin wall. It employs and questions notions of narration, memory, body and gender politics, thereby negotiating the daily within the field of identity politics in times of severe collective crisis.


  • Maiada Salfiti (body art performer and practical PhD student at Sheffield Hallam University)
  • Osama Suleiman (media artist, Coventry University)