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Then & Now: History of the Faculty of Arts

The Then & Now project was conceived by Dr. Kathryn Woods, formerly Director of Student Experience for the Arts Faculty, to coincide with the faculty’s move into a new building in 2021. The main research aim of this student-led project was to explore the experiences of Arts and Humanities students at Warwick from 1965 to the present. In addition to tapping directly into the experiences of current and former students through oral history interviews, the project examined the art and architectural heritage of the Humanities building, the evolution and expansion of the courses and departments within the faculty, the extra-curricular sides of student life (socialising, sports and societies, student politics) which contribute so much to the vibrancy of Warwick’s campus, and attitudes towards inclusivity and widening participation.

Wed 22 Jul 2020, 14:34 | Tags: Funded projects, Funding

IATL recently funded a student performance show.

"IATL’s funding was integral in my show’s success. My show ‘an evening with verse writer’ is a poetry play fused with music and art.

The funding allowed me to support student artists within university and beyond. Shown in the Coventry Shop Front Theatre, ‘ an evening with verse writer ‘ successfully opened a space for honest conversations.

It also won an Artistic Development Award and has now been commissioned for 2 nights - October 2 and October 3 in the Warwick Arts Centre.

IATL win co-developed bid for funding from the HEFCE Catalyst Fund

Elena Riva (IATL) and Louise Gracia (Dean of Students) recently co-developed a successful bid for funding from the ‘HEFCE Catalyst Fund: Supporting mental health and wellbeing for postgraduate research students’.

It will result in a collaborative, cross-institutional project co-led by IATL, the Dean of Students and the Graduate School. This project also involves Mental Health and Wellbeing (MHW), Counselling Services, Warwick Sport, the Library, and Warwick Business School (WBS).'

Tue 17 Apr 2018, 10:25 | Tags: Funded projects, Funding, IATL news, IATL projects

Students wanted to help develop new Master’s module

Mairi Macintyre (pictured), Principal Teaching Fellow in WMG, is looking for three local students for paid work to help develop the new ‘Play: Pedagogy Theory and Practice’ module, for launch in September 2018. IATL funding was awarded to develop the module in a partnership with Design Museum London and Royal Holloway University of London plus international colleagues at Leiden University, the Netherlands, and Monash University, Australia.

Mon 19 Feb 2018, 11:04 | Tags: Funded projects

IATL funded project leads receive HEFCE Catalyst Funding

Congratulations to Georgia Kremmyda and Volkan Degirmenci for receiving HEFCE Catalyst Funding for the project 'Developing a student-driven educational model between, beyond and across disciplines', which will develop a conceptual model for exploring the ways in which students act as co-producers of learning, and how they might work beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. Project partners are Gwen Van der Velden (WIHEA), Nicholas Monk (IATL) and Colin Eddie (UnPS Ltd).

Thu 15 Dec 2016, 17:40 | Tags: Funded projects

Student as Producer Performance of Celebration

4 & 5 December 2016, 19:30 | Humanities Studio, University of Warwick

2016's been a bit rough hasn't it? The future is murky and uncertain. People are feeling cynical, melancholy, afraid...

Celebration is a show about letting go and making joy, about optimistic attachments and trying to live differently. It aims to give anyone who can't quite believe the world they live in something to believe in.

Fri 02 Dec 2016, 15:51 | Tags: Funded project events, IATL events, Funded projects

New IATL-funded staff projects

Following our recent funding round we now have over 50 ongoing staff led projects across the University (Academic Fellowships, Pedagogic Interventions and Strategic Projects), all of which contribute to IATL's strategic aims of innovation, interdisciplinarity, inclusiveness and internationalisation.

Tue 28 Jun 2016, 15:04 | Tags: Funded projects

Concepts of Habitability: A Competition

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Habitability (ICH) and IATL invite submissions to "Concepts of Habitability", a competition exploring concepts of habitability both on our and other worlds. This is open to all students, undergraduate and postgraduate, and welcomes submissions in any medium.

Wed 11 May 2016, 16:29 | Tags: Funded project events, Funded projects

New IATL blog post: Reflections on Innovation

The latest post is comprised of three parts, featuring the reflections of IATL module convenor and funding recipient Phil Gaydon and two final-year undergraduates in English, Dominc Nah and Laura Primiceri, on their experiences at recent faculty teaching and learning showcases and working on the IATL-funded project 'The Warwick Handbook of Innovative Teaching'.

Thu 03 Mar 2016, 12:05 | Tags: Articles, blog posts and publications, Funded projects

Details of latest IATL-funded projects now online

Our funded projects pages list the most recent projects and all previously funded projects, including reports, videos, etc.

Tue 05 Aug 2014, 15:55 | Tags: Funded projects