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Co-creation Officers Conversation

Our Co-creation Officers created a podcast to explain their role in the department and shine some light on our co-creative practices. This recording is a conversation between past and present Co-creation Officers ─ Lanaire Aderemi, Lily Rose Fitzmaurice, Pula Prakash, Marco Marques, Wiki Jeglinska & Sara Lovecka ─ as well as with Naomi de la Tour who created the role and Ben Hayday who helped with the project's initiation. Listen below to find out more about the idea behind the role's creation, the values and responsibilities of the Co-creation Officers and their challenges and successes.

Listen to the Podcast here

We are co-creating Warwick. We are co-creating IATL. And doing it with intention and thought and care. The Co-creation Officer role gives us an opportunity to really lean into that.

Well, IATL is such a fantastic space. It is so unique within the University and really in the higher education sector. It is that space where you can be really creative with pedagogy but also just be creative as a person in your daily life

I think as Co-creation Officers we kind of remove that idea of competition. It is not about proving yourself, it is more about bringing yourself to the role and doing the best that you can. It is quite an empowering way to think about it.

The role means hope to me. The possibility ofchange. Being at the place where educational innovation and educational change are currently taking place.

At IATL the things that we bring is really bringing forward the humanity in education, bringing forward the humanity in people and what we can do for each other and for ourselves.