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A web-based resource for users to create their own online games

A simple online memory card game was previously developed for sheep farmers as an aid to recognising foot lesions. In this game, if two identical images are matched, the images are overlaid with the name of the lesion. Subsequently, an adapted ‘bacterial mutants’ version with two levels of difficulty was developed as a revision tool for first year Life Sciences undergraduates (described in an interactive Mahara poster). In the mutants version of the game, when two different cards are correctly matched the images are superimposed. In both games, the matching images are randomly selected from a larger pool so that the game is different each time it is played.

Foot lesions game screenshot

Bacterial Mutants Game Screenshot
Foot lesions game Bacterial mutants game

These games were presented at the University’s Games Based Learning workshops in March 2013. University staff at the workshop expressed a keen interest in having a generic blank game available that they could populate with their own images.

In this project, a generic online memory card game template was developed in conjunction with Adam Lack, an undergraduate in the Department of Physics. University staff or students can use this resource to create their own games populated with images (pictures and/or text) of their choice. By creating a blank template game, the necessity of writing or understanding the software code is removed from the users. Users’ games are created and hosted in SiteBuilder. A workshop was held in May 2014 at which staff and students from a number of departments created their own games.

Photo of Judith BrownJudith Brown works in the School of Life Sciences, where she has designed and developed interactive e-learning resources for vets, farmers and students and software for epidemiological research projects.

Feedback from the workshop

"Fantastic! Thank you very much"

"This is really good. Got to say the format works really well on my iphone - a lot of sites don't."

"Thank you again for the workshop – it was great."

Games portfolio

View and play some games built using this resource.