Executive Summary

The aim of this Disability Awareness Course is to inform the development of medical education and training with specific focus on developing our Students’ understanding of the lived experiences of individuals with sensory impairments and how we can all embrace Inclusive Practice to empower our peers, future patients and communities. We hope that this project can contribute to the inclusive education goals established Warwick University that can encourage both students and staff to expand their own understanding and improve the experiences of students with disabilities.

Stemming from feedback from current Students and Faculty, it was noted that there is currently a gap in providing our students and faculty a way to empathise with the experiences of people with sensory impairments, communicate with them effectively and provide inclusive education.

Learning from training courses, such as the Anti-Racism Training Module and the NHS Rainbow Badge Scheme, this project aims to only promote awareness of students and staff with additional needs but empower participants to stimulate positive change in their communities and future careers.

The primary aim of this project is to provide students and staff at Warwick University the opportunity to engage in experiential and reflective learning about sensory impairments and neurodiversity.