Project Diary

The Anti-Racist Pedagogy Project began in AY21/22 under the umbrella of the Faculty of Arts' Equality and Inclusion Forum. Its aim is to engender strategic change to promote and embed anti-racism across the Faculty. Central to the project has been a scholarly and community-based approach so that the Faculty can build a strong knowledge base, learn from current department initiatives and existing expertise, and create robust, evidence-based outputs. The first stage of the project involved seeking input from Faculty colleagues through discursive and survey-based methods on the following four key topics:

  • Current departmental initiatives for supporting and enhancing anti-racist pedagogy.
  • University-wide activities on this topic and how they feed into Faculty/Department activities.
  • Initial, medium and long-term priorities for the Faculty.
  • Activities, initiatives, etc., for achieving Faculty priorities.

This second-stage project involved a six-week scoping exercise collecting data on existing initiatives related to anti-racist pedagogy in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Warwick. It prioritised data collection from the Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Process in HE Learning Circle in the Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA) and Tackling Racial Inequality at Warwick (TRIW), which emerged out of the Learning Circle. This data collection on existing anti-racist work aims to illuminate the activity within the Faculty and its connection to ongoing work within the wider university so that a follow-up project can build on these established initiatives to form a wider intra Faculty community.