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IATL Co-creation Officers

IATL Co-creation Officers

The Co-creation Officer Project

The Co-creation Officer Project, running since 2019, employs a team of current students from across the University to support and advocate for co-creation between staff and students within IATL and Warwick more widely.

Co-creation Officers work closely with colleagues as ‘expert co-creators’ within the department, and more widely within the university, developing and supporting practices of co-creation in different contexts and sharing their perspectives as students; something inherent to the work IATL does as a department. They are available to discuss practices of co-creation between staff and students and to support the projects and work within the department. They bring valuable experience and expertise to considering how co-creation works in diverse contexts, and work both on projects which focus on co-creation explicitly, and which are underpinned by or seek to develop practices of co-creation.


Our Co-creation Officers created a podcast to explain their role in the department and shine some light on our co-creative practices. This recording is a conversation between past and present Co-creation Officers ─ Lanaire Aderemi, Lily Rose Fitzmaurice, Pula Prakash, Marco Marques, Wiki Jeglinska & Sara Lovecka ─ as well as with Naomi de la Tour who created the role and Ben Hayday who helped with the project's initiation. Listen below to find out more about the idea behind the role's creation, the values and responsibilities of the Co-creation Officers and their challenges and successes.