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Within IATL, we broadly understand co-creation to mean staff and students collaborating to create spaces in which community, creativity and cultures of care can thrive.

On this page you can explore examples of co-creation within and beyond IATL plus resources to support and promote co-creative practice.

On the right are various Infographics and reflections on co-creation. These resources, mainly developed by IATL's co-creation officers, address how co-creation can be implemented and promoted across a range of activities.

Bees landing at a hive

IATL Co-creation OfficersLink opens in a new window

Co-creation Officers work closely with colleagues as ‘expert co-creators’ within the department, and more widely within the university, developing and supporting practices of co-creation in different contexts and sharing their perspectives as students; something inherent to the work IATL does as a department. Find out more by following the link to our IATL Co-creation page.

Students sitting down to a meeting

Student ResearchLink opens in a new window

IATL encourages students to undertake research and disseminate their findings as early as possible in their academic explorations. Our international research conference ICUR and our undergraduate research journal Reinvention emphasise co-creation as well as peer mentoring, training and support that enable students to enhance their skills and career prospects.

Image - the whole world as linked by data

Co-created Marking Scheme for Assessing Student Devised Assessments (SDA's)Link opens in a new window

IATL’s teaching and learning strategy involves a strong focus on student-centred learning to facilitate its diverse range of students within the community. This includes cultivating novel approaches towards developing, assessing and/or disseminating student research in which flexibility, choice and autonomy is highly encouraged.

This case study outlines some innovative work undertaken to co-create a marking scheme to be used to assess IATL's Student Devised Assessments (SDAs).

Four students smiling around a table having a meeting

IATL Project SupportLink opens in a new window

IATL has supported a wide range of projects through our Project SupportLink opens in a new window scheme. The scheme provides funding and practical support to enable staff and students to develop an area of practice aligned with Warwick’s Education Strategy and IATL’s strategic priorities. We work with staff and students to help them develop ideas and incorporate a range of co-creative methods in their work.

PublicationsLink opens in a new window

IATL has published a suite of scholarly peer-reviewed papers and articles on global HE news magazines such as Times in Higher Education on its co-creation practices.

Explore co-creation publications via the link above for more ideas and examples on how to embed co-creation in your work.