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Re-Opening Minds: a Study of the Transition from Key Stage 3 to 4 at RSA Academy Tipton

The project aimed to research the experiences of staff and students during the first weeks of Key Stage 4 (KS4) teaching when students have completed the RSA's Opening Minds curriculum at Key Stage 3 (KS3).

A collaborative, action research approach was undertaken in which postgraduate and undergraduate researchers from Warwick collaborated with staff and students from the RSA Academy to:

  • investigate the perceptions of students and staff towards curriculum and pedagogy at KS4, given the background of the students in 'Opening Minds' teaching at KS3;
  • explore differences between gender groups and students of different ability and levels of engagement.

The outputs of the research were:

  • a research report (see link on right-hand-side);
  • a grant proposal for further sociological studies of the impact of the Opening Minds curriculum.