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Volume 9, Issue 2

Published 28 October 2016


Undergraduates: Publish and be Damned? Joe Grimwade, Department of Classics and Ancient History, University of Warwick


That Girl's Got Guts: Relationships and Everyday Life for Women with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Lauren White, University of Sheffield

The Correlation Threshold as a Strategy for Gene Filtering, with Application to Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Breast Cancer Microarray Data Samuel Edward Jackson, Jochen Einbeck, Adetayo Kasim and Willem Talloen, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Durham University, Wolfson Research Institute, Durham University, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Division of Janssen Pharmaceutica, Beerse, Belgium

Effect of Air- and Oven-Drying on the Activity of Polyphenol Oxidases and Peroxidases in the Leaves of Gynura procumbens Jia Jun Fung and Yau Yan Lim, School of Science, Monash University Malaysia

An Exploration into the Facilitation of Risky Play Indoors Claire Saunders, Centre for Education Studies, University of Warwick

Safe to Eat? Dealing with Food Safety after the Fukushima Disaster Giulia Nicolini, Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge

The Proper Meaning of Private Property: A Social View William J. Gildea, Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick

Postkolonialismus im Spiegel: Testing Postcolonial Theory on Turkish-German Diasporic Literature Rosie Preston, German Studies, University of Warwick

Book Reviews:

Pete Dale, Popular Music and the Politics of Novelty, London, Bloomsbury Academic
Ellen Fitzpatrick, The Highest Glass Ceiling: Women's Quest for the American Presidency, Cambridge: Harvard University Press