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When Death Came Knocking on my Door

Safiya Sayed

Department of Economics.

About the Project

‘The poem is narrated as the viewer watches the creation of an abstract art piece that links to the ideas and emotions presented. The black and white nature of the art symbolises the difficulties when analysing all the various viewpoints. Instead the viewer is forced to look at the problem from a narrow perspective. This is often evidenced in modern society, with the endless combinations including: science and ethics, or science and economics, politics and science and more. The individual watcher will have a unique take on the poem, depending on their own respective background and beliefs.’

‘Changing from black & white to colour indicates that there is a lot more left unsaid. The speed of the transition is rapid, to signify in the time it took for multiple perspectives to be analysed, a life has already been lost. (…)The poem does not directly state who to blame, but the intention is to leave the viewer questioning why this outcome as occurred and what steps should be taken to prevent it from occurring again.’

‘The video primal aim is to spark an emotive response, whether that be anger, sympathy, fear and more. Though individual beliefs about Death, fate, religion may differ, we are united in our emotions, both in similarities but perhaps more importantly, differences. Genetic screening, and the debate surrounding termination has been a polarising issue for decades, through completing this SDA it was clear that by having open conversation about different emotions that are a held, in a respectful and understanding manner, can effective change occur.’