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Games Expo 2023

The UK Games Expo (UKGE) is the largest Hobby Games Convention in the UK with 25704 unique visitors over the three days, and 425 exhibitors, of which Warwick was one. This year we were joined on the stand by 4 students who had their manufactured prototypes that they were able to demonstrate to the general public. The 4 games were:

Rae’s Orderlands

practice ordinal arithmetic whilst beating your friends!

Joe’s Imperium in Bello

a serious historical game about European great powers between 1660 and 1700

Chloe-Anne’s Monuments

introduces the concept of manifolds and certain ways of representing them

Nathan’s Artificial Intentions

a strategy game designed to be used as an icebreaker activity to introduce players to fundamental topics in the rapidly growing fields of neural networks and AI ethics

It would be fair to say that our students were excellent, oftentimes running the stand single-handedly whilst I was out exploring the show. The 'Shut Up and Sit Down' guys paid us a visit - this is what they had to say:

The students' feedback to presenting at the expo varied, ranging from 'Expos aren't really my thing' to 'the best experience of my life.'

For us, this was an opportunity to share our students' stories and successes with a wider audience and to showcase some of the innovative serious games they had created.

We've already started planning for next year's event...

next year

Honourable Mentions

The Topographer: challenges players to recall historical mathematical problems
Survival Island Survive with Hobbes’ state of nature
Healthy Cities: Understand the impacts of urban development on the climate crisis,
Black Hat: competitive puzzle solving card game themed around hacking and cyber security
Mouseware: An open drafting card game with computers and
Probably true, but why?: Strategic quiz game on Probability Theory
Seeing Stars: a game designed to teach students about observational techniques for both electromagnetic and gravitational waves originating from an assortment of astrophysical sources.

Code Wars: a serious tile placement card game which allows 2 players to
construct programs using a deck of cards
Leviathan: a public policy game set in the context of modern, developed society.
Ringbase: An SQL game where up to 4 teams compete together to populate a board with ”data” in the form of pieces.
Multiplex: a game about building circuits
Model Mayhem: a fashion modelling simulation and strategy serious game,for use in HE for media and fashion students to learn about the industries.

Logic Magic: a card game which gives mathematics, philosophy and computer science students a way to practise propositional logic by playing.

Scandalous!: The Interview Face-Off a 2-player serious game intended to teach students the core audience theories they will need to memorise and apply in A Level Media Studies
HackenBalance: teaches the basic Combinatorial Game Theory behind
Conway’s Hackenbush.
Political Machine: a serious deckbuilding game for exactly two campaign managers looking to prove their worth
CBI: earn the inner workings of the creative industries and its business aspects