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Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching Conference: 'Interdisciplinarity: Learning from Each Other'

The 5th Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching Conference happened on the 15th of April 2021.

It explored a variety of issues in the theme of 'Interdisciplinarity: Learning from Each Other'

The University of Warwick was delighted to host the 5th annual Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Conference (UK).

This conference was held virtually.

The conference theme asked participants to consider the elements of collaboration, co-construction of knowledge and practice that underpin the interdisciplinary teaching and learning experiences of students and teachers. The diversity of contexts in which interdisciplinarity happens in Higher Education (e.g. liberal arts, joint honours degrees, single interdisciplinary modules, etc.) means this learning happens in a multitude of ways, and the conference will be an opportunity to share how these dynamics emerge within an interdisciplinary learning journey, inform our practices and generate impact in Higher Education.

Contributions for papers and presentations from a wide range of interdisciplinary experiences and educational cultures were received and delivered from early career academics, students and professionals who support interdisciplinary teaching and learning.

For further information, questions and queries please contact the conference organisers:

Dr Elena Riva, Institute for Advanced teaching and Learning (IATL), University of Warwick
Ida Kemp, Chair, Interdisciplinary Learning and teaching Conferences (UK)

For additional information and previous conferences visit the Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching UK website.