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Research, Outputs, and Publications


Event Re-cap:

How to Get into Literary Translation

Listen to a recording of an event held on 17/1/18 on literary translation, in which various speakers offered thoughts on translation as a practice and industry.


Research Projects

Franglais in Commercial Advertising

Dr Will Amos's latest project is exploring aspects of languaging contact in commercial advertisements photographed in the streets of Toulouse, southern France. The research uncovers great variety in the way English and French are used in tandem, and how elements of both are being stitched together in different ways to form creative examples of what researchers are calling 'polylanguaging'. This bears relevance not only for our understanding of the boundaries of both languages in an ever-globalising world, but also in how ideas relating to fashion, food & drink, telecommunications, and other aspects of the commercial world are transferred between languages, for different audiences, and for different means.