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Staff research interests


Shortcuts to staff research interests in: French Studies, German Studies, Hispanic Studies, Italian Studies.

French Studies

Professor Jeremy Ahearne

Professor Jeremy Ahearne
20th-century culture, politics and thought.

J dot N dot Ahearne at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Katherine Astbury

Dr Katherine Astbury
18th- and 19th-century French and German literature; the French Revolution.

Katherine dot Astbury at warwick dot ac dot uk
D Emma Campbell

Dr Emma Campbell
French Medieval Studies; critical theory.

Emma dot Campbell at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Oliver Davis

Dr Oliver Davis
Modern and contemporary French literature; philosophy and critical theory.

O dot Davis at warwick dot ac dot uk
Professor Ingrid de Smet

Professor Ingrid De Smet
16th- and 17th-century European literature and society; early modern culture.

I dot de-Smet at warwick dot ac dot uk
Professor Pierre-Philippe Fraiture

Professor Pierre-Philippe Fraiture
19th- and 20th-century French and Belgian literature; francophone (post)colonial literature and thought; African philosophy.

P-P dot Fraiture at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Catherine Hampton

Dr Catherine Hampton
16th-century literature; French Renaissance court society and culture.

C dot M dot Hampton at warwick dot ac dot uk
Professor Seán Hand

Professor Seán Hand
Modern and contemporary literature, autobiography and ethnography; French philosophy and theory; ethics, globalization and governance.

S dot Hand at warwick dot ac dot uk
 Mary Harrod 2

Dr Mary Harrod
Film and media studies; cultural and gender studies; critical theory and aesthetics.

M dot G dot M dot Harrod at warwick dot ac dot uk
Professor Nick Hewlett

Professor Nick Hewlett
Modern French politics and society; modern French political thought.

N dot P dot Hewlett at warwick dot ac dot uk

Professor Emeritus Leslie Hill
Philosophy and critical theory; modern and contemporary fiction; film studies.

leslie dot hill at warwick dot ac dot uk
David Lees

Dr David Lees
Modern French history and politics.

D dot W dot Lees at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Douglas Morrey

Dr Douglas Morrey
Film studies; contemporary French fiction; cultural studies.

D dot J dot Morrey at warwick dot ac dot uk

Professor Emerita Linda Paterson
Medieval French and Occitan literature and history.

L dot M dot Paterson at warwick dot ac dot uk

Professor Christopher W. Thompson
19th-century literature and art; travel literature; ethnographic and other film.

cw2thompson at gmail dot com
Dr Jessica Wardaugh

Dr Jessica Wardhaugh
Modern French history; street politics; popular theatre; right-wing culture.

J dot Wardhaugh at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Margaux Whiskin

Dr Margaux Whiskin
18th-century literature and thought.

M dot Whiskin at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Susannah Wilson
19th- and 20th-century literature; women's writing; cultural and medical history.

S dot M dot Wilson at warwick dot ac dot uk


German Studies

Dr Christine Achinger

Dr Christine Achinger
Critical social theory and aesthetic theory; constructions of gender, nation and race and their relation to the experience of capitalist modernity; history and theories of antisemitism; Holocaust memory in Germany.

C dot E dot Achinger at warwick dot ac dot uk
Emeritus Professor Rob Burns

Professor emeritus Rob Burns
German working-class culture from the Weimar Republic to the Federal Republic; protest and extra-parliamentary politics in the Federal Republic, including the student movement, the peace movement, the political manifestations of feminism and the environmentalist and ecological movement; diasporic culture in contemporary Germany; the development of ‘migrant’ or ‘Turkish-German’ cinema.

r dot a dot burns at warwick dot ac dot uk
Professor Elisabeth Hermann
German-language literature from the 18th to the 21st century, with special focus on the age of Goethe and Weimar Classicism, post-unification and contemporary literature after 1989, collective identities and cultural memory, representations of the Holocaust in literature, film and art, cultural theories, regional literature, transnationalism, and world literatures.
Dr James Hodkinson

Dr James Hodkinson
Cultural representations of Islam in nineteenth-century Germanophone thought and literature; German Orientalism; gender and cultural difference in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century thought and literature; the history of German music; German Romanticism, its historical context, modern and postmodern receptions; Novalis.

j dot r dot hodkinson at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Silke Horstkotte
German literature, photography and film, covering the entire modern period from 1800 to the present. The immediately contemporary period and in the ways in which literature in the present intersects with, is shaped by and in turn gives shape to non-literary discourses; in fiction as a space of negotiation for social imaginaries and world views; and in the place of literature in a visual media culture.
S dot Horstkotte at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Jim Jordan

Dr Jim Jordan
Diasporic Literature and film of migrant/postmigrants in Germany: the culture and politics of the Weimar Republic; the works of Ernst Toller.

J dot A dot Jordan at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Emily Oliver
Anglo-German cultural relations, 20th-century German history, the British and American occupation of Germany, radio history and sound studies, Shakespeare performance, German/GDR theatre, arts funding and cultural policy
E dot Oliver dot 1 at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Helmut Schmitz

Dr Helmut Schmitz
Post-war and contemporary German literature; post-war German memory cultures; representations of the Nazi period and the Holocaust; German wartime suffering.

h dot schmitz at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Linda Shortt
Twentieth and twenty-first century German-language literature and film: post-war German memory studies: protest and extra-parliamentary politics in the FRG: cultural representations of place, belonging and attachment: literary and filmic depictions of illness, ageing, human suffering and death: cultural translation and transculturalism.
L dot Shortt at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Katherine Stone
All aspects of twentieth- and twenty-first century German culture, with a particular focus on gender and memory studies; representations of National Socialism and World War II; memory cultures in East Germany; sexual violence; feminism; women’s writing; motherhood; family relationships and family memory; shifting notions of self and social belonging; memory and emotion.
K dot Stone at warwick dot ac dot uk


Hispanic Studies


Dr Michela Coletta
Intellectual and cultural history of the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries.

m dot coletta at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Kirsty Hooper
Spanish, Anglo-Spanish and Galician cultural history since 1800; global nineteenth century; connections between Spain and other cultures; mobilities (travel, tourism, migration, commerce); relational approaches to cultural history; and the use of digital technologies for humanities research.

k dot hooper at warwick dot ac dot uk
Alison Ribeiro de Menezes

Professor Alison Ribeiro de Menezes
Cultural memory in the Hispanic and Lusophone worlds.

alison dot menezes at warwick dot ac dot uk
Raquel Navas

Ms Raquel Navas
Applied linguistics, second language acquisition and new technologies to support language learning.

r dot navas at warwick dot ac dot uk
Clemencia Rodas-Pérez

Dr Clemencia Rodas-Pérez
Bridging the gap between expert and lay speakers in medical communication in Spanish; identification of university educators and students' discursive strategies in relation to academic writing situated in bilingual and inter-cultural contexts.

m dot c dot rodas-perez at warwick dot ac dot uk
Fabienne Viala

Dr Fabienne Viala
Comparative studies on the Latin American and francophone historical novel, national memory and crime fiction in Cuban, Spanish and French literatures.

f dot viala at warwick dot ac dot uk
Leticia Villamediana González

Dr Leticia Villamediana González
18th-century Spanish literature, culture and intellectual history; Anglo-Spanish cultural transfers and Spanish periodical press.

l dot villamediana-gonzalez at warwick dot ac dot uk


Italian Studies


Dr Alessandra Aloisi


Dr Bryan Brazeau


Dr Jennifer Burns
Migration literature in Italian; post-war narrative fiction; late nineteenth-century literary cultures; political and ethical issues in literature; cinema.

j dot e dot burns at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Fabio A. Camilletti

Dr Fabio A. Camilletti
Nineteenth-century literature and culture from a comparative perspective (Italy, England, France, Germany); critical and literary theory.

F dot Camilletti at warwick dot ac dot uk
Professor Simon Gilson

Professor Simon Gilson
Dante, especially his scientific, philosophical and theological culture; The Dante commentary tradition, c. 1322-1570; interactions between science and literature (but also philosophy, theology, literature) in late medieval Italy; Dante's critical reception and the cultural, literary and intellectual history of fourteenth-, fifteenth-, and sixteenth-century Italy, especially Tuscany and the Veneto.

S dot Gilson at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr Joanne Lee

Dr Joanne Lee
Travel writing; writings on Italian emigration and contemporary immigration; representations of Italy's colonial past; post-war Italian women's writing.

jo dot lee at warwick dot ac dot uk
Dr David Lines

Dr David Lines
Medieval and Renaissance Europe (with a focus on Italy), particularly the classical tradition; intellectual history; institutions of culture and learning; libraries and history of the book.

D dot A dot Lines at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Mila Milani


Dr Cecilia Muratori


Dr Anna Laura Puliafito


Dr Caterina Sinibaldi

Dr Maude Vanhaelen

Dr Maude Vanhaelen
Reception of philosophy in the Italian Renaissance in the 15th and 16th centuries.

M dot Vanhaelen at warwick dot ac dot uk

Dr Naomi Wells
Multilingualism and linguistic diversity in Italy and Spain; language politics, policy and ideologies; transnational migration.

Naomi dot Wells at warwick dot ac dot uk