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2022 trip

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XMaS Scientist Experience 2022

What a wonderful group of talented young women joined us this year for a trip to the ESRF in Grenoble.

The 18 winners of this nationwide competition were selected for the outstanding qualify of their essays about Ada Yonath, a crystallographer and Nobel prize winner.

Team Bragg:

Team Bragg:
Issy Wicks, Katie Skilling, Maddie Fletcher, Diane de Nonneville, Ja Ying Lew, Emily Sidaway

Team Nobel:

Team Nobel:
Eleanor O’Neill, Lauren Cole, Emily Rowe, India Henry, Anoush Rule, Konstantina Koutri

Team Wien:

Team Wien: Emily Marsh, Sophia Bosch, Emily Kenny, Erin Heeley, Sandrine Wigham, Olga Zwyno