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About us

Warwick Chemistry is a UK leader in both research and teaching

The Department of Chemistry at Warwick is a thriving community of students, academics, researchers, and support staff.

Our fundamental research pushes boundaries in all major fields of Chemistry. Through collaborations with the wider science community and industry, our applied work aims to tackle huge global issues from antimicrobial resistance, to solar energy harvesting, and sustainable materials.

Our research is split between four themes:

  • Chemical, structural and synthetic biology
  • Materials and Polymers
  • Measurement and Modelling
  • Synthesis and Catalysis

For further information on academics, industry-leading facilities, and the impact taking place at the Department of Chemistry at Warwick, please explore our researchLink opens in a new window pages.

We also collaborate extensively with academics and practitioners in other subjects. We have long-standing collaborations with researchers and practitioners in Life Sciences, Medicine, Physics, Manufacturing, Computer Science, Engineering, and Maths.

A strong departmental student network, providing tailored peer-to-peer support, and a University with over 250 societies ensures that our students quickly integrate into our friendly and diverse community. Chemistry is an extremely versatile and challenging subject. Our undergraduateLink opens in a new window and postgraduate coursesLink opens in a new window allow our students to develop a range of practical and theoretical skills that are highly valued in the world of work and academia.

At Warwick, you’ll find an inclusive staff and student community. We provide a vibrant and friendly environment where our students have dedicated support to explore their passion for chemistry.