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Research Staff & Facilities

  • Chemistry research occupies several buildings clustered around "C Block" on Library Road including our new Materials and Analytical Science Building, plus Millburn House. All graduate students, postdocs and other staff have dedicated space including state of the art laboratories and write-up areas. We have all the facilities you might need for world class research in chemistry.
  • Instrumental and workshop facilities are superb and we have dedicated, expert research and technical staff - see below

Services & Instruments

Our staff describe their instruments, facilities and services at the links below. Detailed information for Warwick Researchers including job submission forms, order forms, instrument booking forms, personnel in charge, access arrangements, contact details and capablities are given in sub-pages are also available via our intranet here.

Name Description
ChemBiol The CBRF contains dedicated laboratories for Chemical Biology Research
Electronics Design & fabrication, testing & repair of electrical and electronic equipment including instrumentation controllers.
Glassblowing Workshop All types of laboratory glassware and specially commissioned complex glass fabrications.
Ion Cyclotron Resonance Facility ICR Facility
Library & Information Excellent provision for Chemistry research including SciFinder and access to all the literature you need
Mass Spectrometry World-class service, bookable and walk-up facilities
Mechanical Workshop Experienced and well-equipped engineers who are happy to discuss your project.
NMR Spectroscopy Exceptional local facilities for synthetic chemistry with expert management
Science City AM2 Equipment Superb materials characterisation equipment thanks to £3.5M worth of investment via Advantage West Midlands
Stores & Purchasing A source of equipment, chemicals, apparatus, glassware and stationery
X Ray Diffraction X ray diffraction gives the 3D structure of your material and other important information

Collaborative Research Facilities

Chemistry at Warwick plays a leading role in the following interdisciplinary centres offering state of the art research facilities: