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100% of our research is world-leading or internationally excellent

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Our highly regarded research, ranked 9th for Research Power amongst UK Chemistry Departments in the REF 2021 exercise, with all our assessed research outputs and impact case studies world-leading or internationally excellent, spans some priority research themes.

Sustainability, Energy and the Environment where functional materials, molecular catalysts and engineered biological systems are developed for the sustainable use of resources, from efficient chemical synthesis, recycling of polymers, development of future feedstocks, and the manufacture of high value chemicals and fuels, to generation, storage and transport of energy.

Health where innovative chemical approaches to understanding complex biological systems is studied alongside novel drug targets, discovering new antibiotics to combat antimicrobial resistance, developing innovative drug delivery systems and diagnostic tools, and pioneering new approaches to treating cancer and inflammation.

Data and Modelling for the prediction of chemical properties of molecules, assemblies of atoms and their dynamic interactions aided by the development of efficient analysis of large amounts of complex data, including the emerging use of artificial intelligence and automated approaches for understanding chemistry.

These themes are aligned with several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, along with Warwick’s own Research Spotlight areas, and our approach to research involves extensive collaboration with scientists in other STEM disciplines, and with industry.

Our research groupings

Chemical, Structural and Synthetic Biology

Developing highly interdisciplinary molecular and analytical approaches for understanding and exploiting biological systems for drug discovery, diagnostics, food security, sustainable chemicals and industrial biotechnology.

Computational and Theoretical Chemistry

Modelling and simulation of molecules and materials informs innovation in health, sustainable energy and the environment by advancing scientific theory and predictive capabilities.

Energy Materials

Utilising cutting edge techniques and methods to explore future energy materials, understand energy systems, and characterise energy storage for Net Zero.

Measurement and Analytical

Original experimental measurement for applied and discovery science using MS, NMR, ultrafast spectroscopy, advanced FTICR; nano energy dynamics imaging; electrochemistry and sensor development.


Expertise spans polymer synthesis, characterisation, modelling, and processing; green and bio(mimetic) science; colloids and soft matter; elastomers; and (nano)composites with applications for global sustainability.

Synthesis and Catalysis

Innovative molecular design and advanced synthetic methodology relevant to grand challenges in energy, health, and the sustainable use of natural resources.