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PhD student stories

Meet some of our postgraduate research students

The department of Chemistry at Warwick University offers a vibrant and supportive environment in which to study and research. On this page, some of our postgraduate research students talk about their own areas of research and their experiences at Warwick.

Mary, PhD student

Mary Thomas

"The wide and varied application to real world samples and problems has motivated me to pursue a research career in analytical science”

The PhD student on applying a passion for energy and the environment to petroleomics and greener oceans, with funding from Lubrizol and EPSRC.

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Chris, PhD student

Chris Atkins

"Scientists have the power to combat climate change and provide future generations with a healthy planet”

Polymer PhD student, Chris, talks about the responsibility of protecting the environment and his contribution to the development of water-based paint for the automotive industry.

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Marco, PhD student

Marco Turano

"An amazing experience"

An industry- and CDT-funded PhD student applies his passion for Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy to copper corrosion inhibition for industrial benefit.

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Enrico, PhD student

Enrico Daviddi

"My work is in the context of helping the world reach higher sustainability"

The electrochemist using micro and nanoscale techniques to explore and inhibit corrosive engine combustion waste products.

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Emily, PhD student

Emily Holt

“I am asked often what the “best” sunscreen is.”

Mathematician-turned-applied-scientist focusses her PhD on improving the effectiveness of sunscreens as industry looks to gentler and more environmentally-friendly formulations.

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Rhiannon, PhD student

Rhiannon Brooks

“There is something exciting about contributing to a previously unexplored area”

EPSRC-funded PhD student takes fundamental steps in understanding cell membrane proteins that could have implications for antimicrobial development and drug transport.

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Ruben PhD student

Ruben Tomás

“My motivations and passions continue to be to expand my skillset but also stem from wanting to innovate new technologies with clinical importance.”

Interdisciplinarity is at the heart of Ruben’s EPRSC-funded PhD research project which could impact the future design of cell-based therapies.

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