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Group NMR cap colours

Research Group NMR cap colours

Please remember to collect your NMR tubes after use!!

Please use the appropriate colour NMR caps for your group only (remove other colours from you lab to avoid confusion!). If you search for NMR cap "colour" or for WILM521 on opera you can find bags of 100 caps for ~£6.

In order of image above

Pike – Orange

Wills – White (with MW)

Ward – Black

Clark + Clarkson + Fox + Marsh – Sky blue

Scott – Purple

Bugg, Toisin, Challis – Pink

Haddleton + Perrier – Blue

Wilson + Gibson – Aqua

Greenhalgh + Chaplin – Green

Becer + Bon + Shipman/Roesner – Yellow

SLS groups + Corre + Alberti - Fuschia

Other groups (Sadler) – Red

please contact Seb Pike if you want to change your group colour.