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Science Communication

Taking the elements of life and medicine to schools and the public at home and abroad

This is a project that seeks to take our vision of interdisciplinary chemistry to a wider audience as well as showcasing internationally renowned Warwick research to local communities.

The work within the local-community - Rugby School, Rugby, UK - aims to present chemistry to primary and secondary school pupils in a new and exciting way while demonstrating innovative teaching methods to the staff. The experiences of students while studying the subject and their involvement within the classroom could be dramatically improved by using OSL methods of learning that engage students both physically and intellectually. OSL’s focus on real world contexts is highly relevant to show young students that chemistry is integral to everyday life and that the investigation of metals can have enormous implications for advances in medicine – for the detection and treatment of disease.

In a wider context, this project was also taken to Hong Kong University. Which was also an excellent opportunity to showcase Warwick research and teaching abroad as well as attracting visiting scholars.



-Project funded by: Institute of Advanced Study. University of Warwick. Public Engagement Award No. IAS/3028/12-