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Azhar's Ph.D. Submission, July 2011

Group visit to Zeenats following Azhar's PhD submission

Image 1 

An empty plate and two drinks!

Image 2

A very happy Ed

Image 3

An even happier Craig

 Image 4

Jeremy in deep thought on what to get

Image 5 

Image 6

Another DIY photo accidentally capturing two blokes in a white van

Image 7

Ahhh, my fish tikka has arrived!

Image 8

Eds portion seems bigger than mine. Need to have words with the chef!

Image 9

An Afghani naan in the capable hands of Kym

Image 10

Dave's having non of this. He too wants a piece of that naan

Image 11

And he's loving it too!

Image 12

Craig is smiling at something, not sure what.

Image 13

And here is my dish. Plain rice and fish tikka. Oh yeah!

Image 14

And the man of the moment. Azhar submitting his thesis enjoys his meal without

the worry of having to go home and continue writing!

Image 15

Check out that naan

Image 16 

Kym doesn't seem to happy

Image 17

A close up of Ed tucking into his meal

Image 18

And a close up of Jeremy's meal

Image 19

Dave's had enough

Image 20 

And Ed hits the Afgani tea to help digestion!

Updated Pic1

Jeremy's empty plate

Updated Pic2

That tea doesn't appear to be helping Ed

Updated Pic3

Jeremy doesn't know what all the fuss is about

Image 24 

Some tea boss? Yes please

Image 25

Kym appears to be camera shy. I'm guessing his new group at NTU won't be invading his space!

Updated Pic4

Azhars empty plate. Well done for completing both your PhD and your meal!

Updated Pic5 

An artistic photo of Kym.