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Temitope Tosin Abiola (PhD)

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The journey so far......

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Chemistry with first class (Hons) from the Federal University of Technology, Akure Nigeria. Shortly after my study, i joined Kwara State University, Malete Nigeria on a year contract as research assistant, investigating "Heavy metal and organic toxic pollutants in well water samples in Malete, Kwara State, Nigeria". After this, i joined Biomedical Ltd. Nigeria, as a research and development chemist, where i worked on the "Development of Peritoneal Dialysis and other related intravenous infusion" in the process. Selected for the prestigious commonwealth scholarship in 2018, i joined the University of Warwick for a Master's degree in Analytical Science and Instrumentation which i passed with distinction. Having received the Chancellor's International Scholarship from the University of Warwick, i am now undertaking my PhD research under the guidance of Professor Vasilios Stavros.

PhD Project Brief

Currently in the second year of my PhD, studying the photochemistry and photophysics of nature inspired (plants) UV-filters under the supervision of Professor Vasilios Stavros. The focus of my research is towards the development of new generation, efficient, environmentally friendly and dermatological safe UVA filters for use in sunscreen formulation. To achieve this, I use femtoseconds (10-15s) pump-probe spectroscopy and other analytical techniques to investigate the interaction of plant UV-filters with UV radiation in industry standard emollient and on a synthetic skin mimic; tracking their excitation and relaxation mechanism in real time. This provides a close-to-real sunscreen formulation and application environment information, which is essential for the development of future sunscreens.

Awards and Honors

    • Chancellor's International Scholarship. University of Warwick (2019)
    • Commonwealth Shared Scholarship. Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, University of Warwick (2018)
    • Award for Academic Excellence. Federal University of Technology, Akure (2016)

For further information about my previous research and professional experience see my chemistry department page