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The Weekly Parsnip

As Team Stavros has expanded, we've picked up a couple of non-meat eating group members. Unfortunately, our hams aren’t meat free so to be inclusive we’ve started a meat free alternative which is The Weekly Parsnip. As parsnips are a root vegetable and root is also a mathematical term, our very own mathematician, Emily shall oversee The Weekly Parsnip

"Parsnips are the root to all happiness" - Emily Holt (2018)

The Parsnips that started it all...

Mitch made these parsnips as an accompaniment to one of the hams that he made (see ham page). These were the inspiration for all future Stavros group parsnips

Parsnips MH1

Emily's first attempt

Parsnips EH1

These parsnips were roasted in sunflower oil along with some Chantenay carrots for some root vegetable variety.

Best office snack ever!

Parsnips MH2

These parsnips and carrots, with black pepper and mustard, were made by Mitch. They were a delight to have in the office.