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Some of the ridiculous things that Adam and Vas (and occasionally the rest of the group) say...

Adam (30/10/12): "It's like where they normally put air and stuff, they put more bread instead!"

Adam (18/12/12): "Vas, you short changed me!?"
Vas: [Opens door] "Get out!"

Dave Townsend (08/01/13): "Gareth, you're like a small spaniel dog!"

Gareth (08/01/13): "Mick, you're just jealous of my tank top, would you like to wear it? On second thoughts, it'd be like a small tunic on you."
*Dave Townsend collapses in fits of laughter*

Adam (09/01/13): "I'll feel better in a minute. Maybe if I strobe myself?"
*flashes his torch in his eyes*
"Nope, now I just can't see"

Vas (22/01/13): "Adam buys most of his clothes second hand though right?"
Adam: "Ummm... no..."

Vas (11/04/13): "Adam probably goes around graveyards looking for pennies."

Vas (18/04/13): "It's ok Adam... you failed."

Vas (18/04/13): *To Adam* "You... You're... going to work with children?!"

Gareth (18/04/13): "Jamie's one of those annoying people that's been good at every single sport he has ever played. Ever."

Adam (30/04/2013):"I've got more important things to do rather than writing my thesis....... like colouring my moles in blue."

Mick (14/10/2013): "Vas... are you microwaving a wookie?!"

Ed (19/05/2014): "The lab is a veritable cornucopia of ways to kill yourself..."

Mitch (27/06/2014): "Anyone know what kind of nut this is...?"
Jamie: "Ca.."
Mitch: "Because they are effin' NICE!"
Jamie: "...shew."

Ed (04/09/2014): "So I've had a latte instead of a cortado this morning... livid."

Ed (02/12/2014): "I was explaining how hydrogen peroxide bleaches hair... and then... I was flirting."

Jamie (06/01/2015): "Vic, are there grades in Tai Chi?"
Vic: "No. There is no point. If I can kill you... you are worse than me."

Nat (03/02/2015): "I'm an organic chemist" [Not sarcastic]

Ed (09/04/2015): "Mille feuille is dialling puff pastry up to 11!!"

Nat (16/04/15): *Upon finishing a donut* "That was the most delicious moment of the week. I was in heaven for like... 30 seconds."

Mitch (11/06/15): "You can build up more tension in a TV series than a book."
Nat: "NO! You don't know how to read books!"

Vas (19/09/16): "What's happened here then?"
Two workmen: "We tried to move the (270 kg) laser table to get access to the ceiling tile"

Office (23/2/17): Silence
Mitch: "It's my hedgehog's birithday today"

Nat (03/517): *singing about fluorescence*, finishes, pause, "thats what I live for" [Not sarcastic]

Mick (30/6/17): "Jack have you ever read the Adrian Mole books?"
Jack: "Yes, *pause* I haven't read them though."

Vas (04/07/2017): "Am I being stupid?"
Jack: "Yes"

Jack (26/07/2017): "I once wrote a dissertation all by myself, it was grammatically frowned upon."

Matt (17/01/2018): "I'm the NMR fairy today"

Mitch (26/02/2018): "Speaking of monasteries *pause* I saw a nun this morning."

Mick (26/04/2018): "Working with Jack is always a delight."

Nat (17/07/2018): directed at Vas "I've quit my job till Friday"
Vas: "Okay, Good" walks out of office

Matt (11/09/2018): speaking to Emily "You should watch Fight Club"
Emily: "Isn't that the one about street scrabble?"

Mitch (12/09/2018): bursts into office "Its now yellow!"

Jack (08/10/2018): sad voice "Oh no my potatoes fallen apart."

Matt (26/10/2018): "We identify as prosecco socialists in our household"

Vas (19/11/2019): "So you know I've got this secret Santa stuff for you."
Jack: "Well not so secret anymore."
Vas: "&@%$"

Nat (26/02/2019): "I think Italian has the best word for butterfly: farfalla"
Dan: "Isn't that a type of pasta?"
Nat: after checking the internet "It is a type pasta!"

Visitor (09/05/2019): knocks on door to Vas' office, opens
Vas (from inside the office): "Ah! I forgot to e-mail you back! The answer is no."
door closes, silence

Mitch (23/07/2019): *says something controversial AGAIN*
Jack: Why don't you focus on the problems YOU HAVE, like LabView not working?!

Philip (27/01/2020): Let's start a secret Valentine! 'Roses are red, the TOPAS light is blue, something's broke, &@%$ Mitch!'