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Jack Woolley (PhD)

Jack Woolley


Having completed my MPhys degree in Chemical Physics at Heriot-Watt University, I moved to Warwick University to begin working on my PhD at the new Warwick Centre for Ultrafast Spectroscopy (WCUS). My research focusses on the photostability of molecular systems with applications to sunscreens. I study these systems through transient electronic absorption spectroscopy to understand how they dissipate excess energy within a solvent environment, in a hope to engineer the next generation of photoprotective species for use in commercial applications.

Away from the laboratory I enjoy weekends away hillwalking and rock climbing in the National Parks.

TEAS setup


 Unravelling the Photoprotection Properties of Mycosporine Amino Acid Motifs

Jack M. Woolley, Michael Staniforth, Michael D Horbury, Gareth W. Richings, Martin Wills, and Vasilios G.Stavros J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2018.


Warwick Centre for Ultrafast Spectroscopy (WCUS)


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+44 (0)2476 151013

Office: E0.11a