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Kym's Ph.D. Submission, April 2011

Group visit to Zeenats following Kym's PhD submission

Pic 1

A very happy moment for Kym and Azhar. The food is on its way!

Pic 2

My Fish Tikka. Hmmmmmmmmm!

Pic 3a

Kym and his lassi

Pic 4

Dave's hands, his kebab and empty glass.

Pic 5a

An artistic view of my Fish Tikka. Azhar in the background concentrating on the job at hand

Pic 6

At least Lydia has time for a pose (unlike.....)

Pic 7

Craig ponders the sheer size of that Naan.

Pic 8

The group before starting the meal but after Kym submitting his Thesis

Pic 9

If I recall correctly, words along the lines 'ohhhh, thats delicious' from Kym.

Pic 10

Craig's initiation to Zeenat's is starting to look bright

Pic 11

Me attempting a DIY photo of my meal.

Pic 12

A more successful one.

Pic 13

Not sure what Kym has in his hand but its probably not pleasant juding by Azhar's reaction

Pic 14a

Dave very content.

Pic 15

My empty plate. Mum would be proud!