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Photo album

Pictures from the Costantini and Stavros group BBQ (21st April)


Here we all are, enjoying the food!


Gareth is sporting his hat while Dave and Craig share a joke.

Tom and Nick discuss cooking techniques.....


Gareth insisting i cook both sides of my chicken breast


Still some time to go....


hmmmm, delicious....


Ben looks amused. From Nick's facial expression, he is no doubt

thinking about his upcoming finals....


Tom in a Yoga position while Natalya, Eric and Nick are in deep thought


Craig in a serious pose


Tongs at hand as Dave's meet is ready


Giovanni eagerly awaits for the sausages to be cooked


Dave and a bottle of beer.


Giovanni now eagerly awaiting the chicken wings to cook

Pictures from Ramprasad Misra's visit to our Lab (16th-28th Feb)

Pic 1

Group picture in the lab - take 1

Pic 2

Group picture in the lab - take 2

Pic 3

Group picture in the lab - take 3

Pic 4

Formal picture - take 1

Pic 5

Formal picture - take 2

Pic 6

At Cosmos. I'm well and truly stuffed. Dave is seemingly picking at his food. Ed on the other hand is pacing himself. I'm not sure what Gareth is thinking. Probably where's Craig? Come to think of it, where is Craig?

Pic 7

After a few 24 hour shifts, Ed seems to be the perkiest of them all! Oh, Craig is back.

Pic 8

Ramprasad stops eating after 3 full plates. Well done Ramprasad, you have passed the minimum requirement for eating out with Team Stavros. 3 plate-fulls. Craig is contemplating desert. I'm not entirely sure what Dave is thinking about-possibly why he has to be constantly interrupted whilst eating to take pictures. Ed on the other hand is definitely contemplating another trip to fill his plate. Gareth just looks content. I'm also guessing he's thinking about how we are going to deconvolve the transients we obtained in PACO. Maybe everyone is thinking the same?

Pic 9

I made a mistake, Craig is actually contemplating two visits to the desert counter.

Pictures from our recent visit to the SDG conference at Heriot-Watt (5th-7th Jan)

Pic 1

We have had to blur the image for copyright reasons

Pic 2

Dr Jan Verlet gives Dave the thumbs up for his poster

Pic 3

A serious looking Gareth in front of his master piece

Pic 4

There you go, a little more relaxed!

Pic 5

Adam in action-explaining Coulomb Imaging

Pic 6

I know what Ed is thinking......

Pic 7

Ed looks satisfied with the response his poster gets at SDG


The three PhDs do Zeenats!

Pic 7

The Dynamite Duo. Dr Kym Wells PhD and Dr Azhar Iqbal PhD

Pic 8

No fish tikka today so I opt for the fish massala. Bit spicy but I still devour it!


A Kevin Spacey type stare from Kym Wells PhD

Pic 10

On the other hand, Azhar Iqbal PhD is just happy

Pic 11 mod

A proud supervisor with an empty plate unlike some! (see below)

Pic 12

Kym's almost empty plate!

pic 13

A piece of naan fit for a doctor!


Group visit to Zeenats following Azhar's PhD submission

Image 1 

An empty plate and two drinks!

Image 2

A very happy Ed

Image 3

An even happier Craig

 Image 4

Jeremy in deep thought on what to get

Image 5 


Image 6

Another DIY photo accidentally capturing two blokes in a white van

Image 7

Ahhh, my fish tikka has arrived!

Image 8

Eds portion seems bigger than mine. Need to have words with the chef!

Image 9

An Afghani naan in the capable hands of Kym

Image 10

Dave's having non of this. He too wants a piece of that naan

Image 11

And he's loving it too!

Image 12

Craig is smiling at something, not sure what.

Image 13

And here is my dish. Plain rice and fish tikka. Oh yeah!

Image 14

And the man of the moment. Azhar submitting his thesis enjoys his meal without

the worry of having to go home and continue writing!

Image 15

Check out that naan

Image 16 

Kym doesn't seem to happy

Image 17

A close up of Ed tucking into his meal

Image 18

And a close up of Jeremy's meal

Image 19

Dave's had enough

Image 20 

And Ed hits the Afgani tea to help digestion!

Updated Pic1

Jeremy's empty plate

Updated Pic2

That tea doesn't appear to be helping Ed

Updated Pic3

Jeremy doesn't know what all the fuss is about

Image 24 

Some tea boss? Yes please

Image 25

Kym appears to be camera shy. I'm guessing his new group at NTU won't be invading his space!

Updated Pic4

Azhars empty plate. Well done for completing both your PhD and your meal!

Updated Pic5 

An artistic photo of Kym.


Group visit to Zeenats following Kym's PhD submission


Pic 1


A very happy moment for Kym and Azhar. The food is on its way!


Pic 2


My Fish Tikka. Hmmmmmmmmm!


Pic 3a


Kym and his lassi


Pic 4


Dave's hands, his kebab and empty glass.


Pic 5a


An artistic view of my Fish Tikka. Azhar in the background concentrating on the job at hand


Pic 6


At least Lydia has time for a pose (unlike.....)


Pic 7


Craig ponders the sheer size of that Naan.


Pic 8


The group before starting the meal but after Kym submitting his Thesis


Pic 9


If I recall correctly, words along the lines 'ohhhh, thats delicious' from Kym.


Pic 10


Craig's initiation to Zeenat's is starting to look bright


Pic 11


Me attempting a DIY photo of my meal.


Pic 12


A more successful one.


Pic 13


Not sure what Kym has in his hand but its probably not pleasant juding by Azhar's reaction


Pic 14a


Dave very content.


Pic 15


My empty plate. Mum would be proud!




Group visit to Zeenats. October 2009




A slightly more modern picture of Ed and Jeremy. Check out that steamy pilau rice!




Dave and Kym. Dave takes the time to pose. Kym, well some things are just more important.....




Azhar seems very happy with his pilau rice. And so he should be, delicious!




Denise is content with her salad (she also had fish tikka which is out of the picture).




The group. Happy and slightly bloated faces. Note the size of that naan!




Group photo from a different angle. I feel left out.




Denise, me and Azhar.




Jon's visit to Warwick. Autumn 2009




Our very first alumni visit. Guess who is the alumnus......
Jon is now media relations officer at the Royal Society of Chemistry and has
spearheaded a number of projects receiving media interest such as the
'Italian job' and 'How tall should a Yorkshire pudding be?' or words to that effect!



Ramprasad's visit to Warwick. Autumn 2009




In the lab. Azhar slightly squashed. Autumn 2009




In the lab. Azhar slightly-less squashed. Autumn 2009




Ramprasad and Vas. Autumn 2009




Ramprasad and Vas. 'Formal' Autumn 2009




At the ACS in Washington DC. Summer 2009


Azhar and Kym


At the Convention Center, Washington DC, ACS. Summer 2009


Azhar pose


Azhar striking a pose with a different kind of eyewear! Washington DC. Summer 2009


Capitol Hill


Lots and lots and lots of SUV's! Oh and Capitol Hill. Summer 2009




Fountains! Summer 2009


Man and Manlike apes


The four different moods of man! Summer 2009




At Femto IX in Beijing. Summer 2009


Femto 9


The opening address by the conference Chair of Femto IX, Professor Gong. Summer 2009


Great Wall


Some distinguished scientists making their way up the Great Wall. Summer 2009


Great Wall


The Great Wall is a lot steeper than you think! Summer 2009


Great Wall 


Action photo of me walking the Great Wall. Summer 2009


Great Wall


The Great Wall left me speechless! Summer 2009




At Michelle and Dave's graduation. Warwick. Summer 2009




LtoR: Michelle and Vas. At Michelle and Dave's graduation. Summer 2009




Outside the lab. Warwick. Spring 2009


Azhar and poster


Azhar in action at his poster. Spring 2009


Kym and poster


Kym in action at his poster. Spring 2009




At Zeenats. Stoney Stanton Road. Coventry. Winter 2009




LtoR: Vas, Kym, Lydia, Dave, Michelle, Denise and Azhar. A group photo at my favourite


restaurant, Zeenats. Winter 2009




In the old lab. Summer 2008


In the old lab


LtoR: Azhar, Kym, Michelle and Vas. A group photo in the old lab C103a. Summer 2008




At my grading. Nottingham. Winter 2007




LtoR: Vas, John, Lou, Master Guest, Becky, Steve and Mo. After our grading.


Coventry Telegraph. Winter 2007




In my very first lab. Warwick. Winter 2006


 Me and my chamber