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Ramprasad Misra's Research Visit & Group Meal at Cosmos, February 2011

Pictures from Ramprasad Misra's visit to our Lab (16th-28th Feb)

Pic 1

Group picture in the lab - take 1

Pic 2

Group picture in the lab - take 2

Pic 3

Group picture in the lab - take 3

Pic 4

Formal picture - take 1

Pic 5

Formal picture - take 2

Pic 6

At Cosmos. I'm well and truly stuffed. Dave is seemingly picking at his food. Ed on the other hand is pacing himself. I'm not sure what Gareth is thinking. Probably where's Craig? Come to think of it, where is Craig?

Pic 7

After a few 24 hour shifts, Ed seems to be the perkiest of them all! Oh, Craig is back.

Pic 8

Ramprasad stops eating after 3 full plates. Well done Ramprasad, you have passed the minimum requirement for eating out with Team Stavros. 3 plate-fulls. Craig is contemplating desert. I'm not entirely sure what Dave is thinking about-possibly why he has to be constantly interrupted whilst eating to take pictures. Ed on the other hand is definitely contemplating another trip to fill his plate. Gareth just looks content. I'm also guessing he's thinking about how we are going to deconvolve the transients we obtained in PACO. Maybe everyone is thinking the same?

Pic 9

I made a mistake, Craig is actually contemplating two visits to the desert counter.