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CIU Member Profiles

Cygnus Instruments Ltd

Cygnus Instruments Ltd

Manufacturers of reliable ultrasonic thickness gauges and leak detectors.


Markets and manufactures the oesophageal Doppler
monitor (ODM+), the world's first fluid management and cardiac output
monitoring system to measure both blood flow and blood pressure directly.

Detectronic Logo


Providing cost effective and technologically advanced flow measurement systems, Detectronic is focused
on measuring, recording, reporting and reacting to depths and flow rates in municipal and industrial process flows and waste water channels and pipes.


EES Research Ltd

EES Research is a UK R&D company with over 25 years experience developing process measurement and control instrumentation for a diverse range of industries.

Flexim logo


Manufacturers of the world’s leading clamp-on ultrasonic flow metering and energy metering systems for
liquids and gases



Bespoke ultrasonic cleaning and processing equipment.
Katronic Logo


Specialists in ultrasonic flow measurement.

polytec logo

Polytec Ltd.

Laser Doppler Vibrometer Manufacturer

PI (Physik Instrumente) Ltd

PI (Physik Instrumente) Ltd

Piezo ceramic component and device manufacturer with a broad range of experience in ultrasonics.
Rainbow Medical Engineering Ltd & Rainbow Ultrasonics Ltd

Rainbow Medical Engineering Ltd & Rainbow Ultrasonics Ltd

World leaders in ultrasonic welding and cutting.
Ultrawave Ltd

Ultrawave Ltd

Precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
Webtec Logo


Hydraulic measurement and control