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Contact Details:
Andy Hammond
Managing Director
+44 1606781420

FLEXIM manufactures and provides ultrasonic clamp-on metering equipment for the flow of liquids or gases, including compressed air, or for the non-invasive measurement of energy. Founded for more
than 26 years, FLEXIM has pioneered many clamp-on flow measurement firsts, including SIL2
clamp-on flowmeters, clamp-on flow metering of Cryogenic flows, etc. Our flow meters are called
upon wherever clients require critical accuracy and reliability and are used by the most demanding
clients including Airbus who use our meters for hydraulic leak checks within the wings and tailfins throughout the Airbus fleet. Furthermore, FLEXIM is the only clamp-on flow metering manufacturer certified for use in the UK Nuclear industry on safety critical duties. In the Water Industry we carry the essential MCERTS qualification to allow use of our meters whenever measuring flow discharges to the environment. FLEXIM’s solutions range from permanent fixed meter installations through to portable meters for surveys and check-metering, even in ATEX certified environments.

For industrial facility maintenance, FLEXIM provides meters capable of calculating energy usage in
kW from boilers, CHP systems and on hot water or chilled water loops at data centres. We also
provide meters capable of measuring compressed air loops, widely acknowledged to be highly prone to costly leakage.

Our ultrasonic products are intuitive to set up, robust and accurate in use.

Our philosophy is based on continuous product development and evolution
and we live by our motto: FLEXIM Sets Standards.