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Cygnus Instruments Ltd


Contact Details:
David Crosthwaite-Eyre
Managing Director
01305 265 533

Company profile:

Cygnus Instruments Ltd., manufactures and provides ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment. Founded in 1983, Cygnus pioneered the digital multiple echo technique which is employed in our range of ultrasonic thickness gauges to ensure accurate, error-checked measurements. The Cygnus range of thickness gauges includes: Intrinsically Safe for potentially explosive environments; the wrist-mountable DIVE and hand-held Underwater – both for diver use; Hands Free for rope access applications; Data Logger for simple yet versatile logging of thickness measurements; General Purpose with large LCD display and simple menu operation; ROV mountable series with optional probe handling solutions; and the extremely rugged Heavy Duty corrosion thickness gauge.

cygnus_dive.jpgIn addition to digital thickness gauges, Cygnus produces an ultrasonic hatch cover leak detector – Cygnus Hatch Sure for testing weather tightness of cargo hatch covers. The equipment provides a quick and effective method of evaluating hatch seals and aiding the prevention of sea water ingress. With variable output transmitter, Cygnus Hatch Sure is also ideal for use in confined spaces and for inspecting watertight doors.

For industrial facility maintenance, Cygnus provides a range of ultrasonic leak detectors that locate leaks of compressed air, vacuum systems and steam traps, to identify early signs of bearing wear.

Our ultrasonic products are simple to use and engineered to withstand harsh environments.

Innovation is core to our business. Cygnus invests heavily in market research and product development. We believe in an entirely application-driven, user-focused approach. We always look forward to any opportunity to research, diversify and expand our portfolio of ultrasonic equipment.