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Deltex Medical

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Contact Details:
Graham Lowe
Chief Operating Officer
+44 (0)1243 774 837

Company Profile:

Deltex Medical markets and manufactures the oesophageal Doppler monitor (ODM+), the world's first fluid management and cardiac output monitoring system to measure both blood flow and blood pressure directly. The ODM+ is designed to allow clinicians to guide fluid and drug administration during anaesthesia and in critical care. The ODM has a specific NICE recommendation (MTG3) in the UK for over 800,000 surgical patients and a dedicated reimbursement code in the USA for both surgical and intensive care patients. Deltex has a network of over 40 distributors globally. In the UK Deltex Medical also distributes innovative medical devices used within anaesthesia and intensive care. Deltex is committed to facilitating the ongoing training and education for clinicians; our e-Learning programme is available, free of charge, to all customers.