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Contact Details:
Darren Pyke
Managing Director
sales at hilsonic dot co dot uk
+44(0)151 639 6020

Company profile:

The Hilsonic product range commenced development in 1976 by the founder, Henry Kevin Ratcliffe, who had been the lead engineer at the Bendix Corporation ultrasonic division, where he was awarded several patents in the field of power ultrasonics.

The power ultrasonic system he developed in the 1980’s is still regarded as the market leader in terms of reliability, durability and performance, of particular interest was his patent on predetermined frequency sweep and vibabar high performance transducer design.

Being an engineer led company, Hilsonic has built a reputation for dealing with complex custom process/cleaning requirements and has developed its own range of sophisticated sonic reactor vessels alongside the standard ultrasonic cleaning machines and custom built specials.

The company was subject to a management takeover by key personnel six years ago in 2005, the current management team have been with the company a minimum of eighteen years, some members thirty years plus.

During the years our reputation for specialist custom built equipment has been well established, which is reflected in our customer list and depth and breadth of our experience in complex procedures.

Research interests:

The development and implementation of ultrasonic applications for use in industry.