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Ultrawave Ltd


Contact Details:
Ian Corp
Technical Director
+44 (0)845 330 4236

Company Profile:

Formed in 1990, and now led by Managing Director, Andrew Beresford, Ultrawave is one of the largest precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment manufacturers in the UK.

Accredited to ISO13485 & ISO9001, we have designed and manufactured over 50,000 ultrasonic baths and systems for an extensive range of applications throughout the World.

Our broad portfolio of products range from small 0.5L Benchtop ultrasonic baths and process validated cleaners in the Healthcare sector, through to multi-stage automatic handling systems used in the Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Medical Device Manufacture and other precision component processing industries as well as large, durable systems for the Oil, Gas and Power industry.


Andrew Beresford
Managing Director


Ian Corp
Technical Director

We are always looking at developing new products and technology and are currently working with the University of Southampton in developing the StarStream ultrasonic cleaning nozzle - an innovative new technology which delivers a stream of water charged with ultrasonic energy.

As a forward thinking company, our dedicated team of designers, technicians and engineers constantly strive to push the boundaries of ultrasonic cleaning technology, delivering the most innovative solutions to meet specific needs.

Ultrawave Products revised

Ultrawave Argon Series Ultrasonic Cleaning System