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Samuel Hamilton

I did my undergraduate degree at Aberystwyth universitry where I graduated with a first class degree in Astrophysics. Having received an email informing me about the possibility of getting onto the Diamond Science and Technology CDT I decided to look furhter into the projects available. Following this I spoke with Prof. Evans at Aberystwyth university, as well as Prof. Borri at Cardiff and looked through the possible PhD projects available, and decided that the project with Prof. Borri was what I was very interested in and where I wanted to go. This project, run in the Biosciences department at Cardiff, has a strong multidisciplinary element that I know I will enjoy.

PhD Title: Measuring the sp3/sp2 Carbon Content Ratio in a Single Nanodiamond using Quantitative Optical Microscopy
PhD Supervisor: Prof Paola Borri, Prof Wolfgang Langbein & Prof Oliver Williams
Institution: Cardiff University