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Ella Bentin

Having enjoyed my bioengineering degree at Imperial College London, I am especially looking forward to the interdisciplinary nature of the Diamond CDT. My final year project was focused on developing electrochemical diagnostic techniques, in which I was allowed to be quite independent. Knowing that I wanted to carry on studying, my supervisor suggested that I contact the top people in the field, and a short Google chain led me here. An especially appealing aspect was the opportunity to experience up to four world-class universities in one handy package. I have great expectations for the MSc part of the course, which will teach me all things diamond, and develop those essential research skills for when the PhD part starts.

PhD Title: Electrochemical sensing of endocrine disruptors
PhD Supervisor: Prof. John Foord
Institution: University of Oxford


Summer Science Exhibition 2016


Ella Bentin

University of Oxford


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