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Rajesh Patel

I did a Masters in Physics at the University of Warwick and due to my final year undergraduate project on Topological Insulators and Topological Weyl Semi-metals, I decided to pursue a PhD in condensed matter physics which led me to the Warwick DST.

My PhD project involves developing sensors to detect magnetic fields for medical and industrial applications. We were able to develop a fibre-coupled diamond magnetometer which at the time of publication was the most sensitive fibre-coupled diamond magnetometer. We were also able to develop a non-destructive testing method to detect damage in ferromagnetic materials. Work is currently ongoing to develop a magnetic gradiometer to detect cardiac magnetic fields in an unshielded environment.

PhD Title: Magnetometry with an ensemble of nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond
PhD Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Gavin Morley
Institution: University of Warwick


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Rajesh Patel